Check out our beautiful stock of girls and boys that help us deliver to you a loyal and loving friend


Branca, meaning white in Portuguese, is an absolute ball of energy and we love her for it. She is a white and black bitch who has developed an utter fascination and obsession with tennis balls and can't wait for you to throw it again and again. All of her puppies have shown to be active and outgoing and love to be part of family activities.


Aurora is the newest addition to the Ocean Diver family. She is a black bitch with patches of white that also carries brown in her genes, so we expect her to deliver a range of colours in her future litters. She has a bright and energetic personality and loves to play and swim. We have no doubt that any puppy coming from Aurora will quickly become a beloved member of the family.


Admittedly the family favourite, Murphy is a brown dog who is equally at home by your side as his running around with the family. He is utterly loyal and has consistently produced puppies of exceptional quality, we expect him to be part of our family for a long time and we know he'll help you complete your family.


Jack is loud and proud and loves to be the centre of attention, especially during play time. His inquisitive nature has him happy to chase, run and play at the drop of a hat and has consistently produced exceptional puppies that perfectly adhere to the breed standard and love to be with their family.


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