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Benefits Of Puppy Training

Taking your pup to obedience training is an important step in making sure your dog becomes a well rounded and behaved member of your family. We request all of our owners enrol their puppies into an obedience training course for a variety of reasons that won’t just benefit you but your community as well.

By participating in obedience training you will undoubtedly develop a closer bond with your pet, as you teach them valuable skills and help them to become more obedient, happy, relaxed, and responsive. This hard work will mean you will find your pet ownership experience to be far more enjoyable as you have to spend less time worrying about your dog and more time enjoying your time together. A dog that has been through obedience training is far more easily controlled, as commands like sit, drop, and stay enable you to place greater trust and faith in your dog. This means you’ll be more likely to include them in a wider range of events or activities, as unruly or misbehaved pets can quickly dampen any social gathering.

Regularly attending obedience classes has an important social aspect, for both you and your pet. These classes will teach your dog how to interact with others, and learn what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour; moreover, it will give you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Classes are stimulating and engaging experiences, that will teach you important lessons and provide information to help you in raising your pet. Whether you’ve had dogs your whole life or this is your first time owning a dog, there is always something new to learn, and being able to consult with a professional trainer on a regular basis will help you address and resolve your concerns faster and more efficiently.

Having a well-trained dog is far safer for you and your community, especially during moments of stress or anxiety. If your dog were to escape or find itself in a dangerous situation, such as coming too close to a road, having a dog that listens and responds to commands such as sit or knows to return when their name is called means you can prevent your dog from being harmed or placed in danger. Also, the valuable time you spend in training with your dog will allow you to better understand and learn the unique signals and body language your dog uses to communicate with you; this means that you will have a healthier, empathetic, and perceptive relationship with your pet.

Having read this we hope that you agree that enrolling your pup in an obedience course will help everyone involved, and you can get on your way to teaching your new puppy some amazing new tricks!

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