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Children And Pet Ownership

Unlike our other articles, this one is short and to the point, however it’s an important message that you need to consider before owning a dog.

Kids love dogs, that is undeniable, especially cute, soft, cuddly, and playful puppies, however children are unfortunately not equipped to make the best decisions. Children can often be fickle and quick to change their mind, that’s why the decision to own and care for a puppy should rest solely with a parent. We regularly see parents who claim that their child or children will be responsible for looking after their puppy, however this almost always results in poorly trained and destructive pets that become a burden on their family; dogs should never be used as an instrument to teach your children about responsibility.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t get a dog when you have children in your family, but that you need to be realistic and honest with them about caring for your puppy. They require a lot of work and your entire family will have to pitch in to make your puppy the best they can be.

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