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Choosing Your Puppy

Increasingly breeders are becoming more and more selective about the homes their puppies go to, and that means the days of choosing your own puppy is becoming a thing of the past. Whilst this can be difficult for you and your family to accept, having your puppy chosen for you significantly increases the chances of your puppy fitting in better with your family, because not all puppies are created the same. Some puppies are more outgoing, and would be better suited to more active and adventurous families, whereas some puppies are more reserved and relaxed, and are best suited for families who live a more laid-back lifestyle. That’s why we ask lots of questions to get to know you and your family’s needs better, so that we can provide you with the best possible puppy.

Now why are breeders better suited to make this decision? Because of experience. Breeders see many puppies come and go, and will spend countless hours over the many weeks they care for them analysing their temperaments and behaviour. Puppy selection is an extremely stressful and complex process that requires significant thought, and is a decision we don’t make lightly. We often see that if we have a litter of 10 all black puppies, but one has white feet, then nearly all of our prospective owners will want that puppy, and whilst that puppy might be nice to look at, it might not be the best puppy for you. Your personal preference for colour, coat, or unique markings will never take precedence over the temperament and nature of the puppy. Whilst it is possible to breed puppies with more impressive markings and colours, focusing on these attributes often means other areas will fall by the wayside, such as their health or temperament. There’s no point in having a litter of puppies with all white feet if they all become shy and fearful around people. We breed our puppies with a range of characteristics in mind, such as topline, tail set, head structure, movement, genetic health, temperament, etc., in order to deliver to you a healthy and happy puppy that’s in the best possible position to become a beloved member of your family.

So please consider this before purchasing a puppy with us, as our methods are tried and true and are the best way to give you the best puppy possible.

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