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Desexing Your Puppy

It’s becoming increasingly common for puppies to be desexed before leaving their breeders and finding a home with their new families, and we at Ocean Diver Kennels firmly believe in neutering all of our puppies before they leave. So why do we do this? Well there’s a variety of reasons, some of which are to protect us, and some are to protect you.

Over the years many breeders have found that owners will use their puppies for breeding if they’re allowed to be sold without desexing. This practice doesn’t just threaten the business of existing breeders, but endangers the lives of dogs and puppies, as inexperienced breeders, unfamiliar with the rigors of breeding, attempt to breed their dogs, which can lead to sad and unfortunate deaths as new or expectant mums and their puppies aren’t properly cared for. Additionally, inexperienced breeders who are unfamiliar with familial lines, genetic diseases, inherited conditions, and so forth can often breed puppies that will propagate further issues within a breed or cross breed dogs that create even more problems down the line.

Historically, people have advocated for pets to be desexed at approximately 6 months of age, however we, and many others breeders and institutions, such as the RSPCA, now desex at 8 weeks of age. Detractors of early desexing claim that doing so will impact growth over their lifetime, however in our experience we have found this isn’t the case, and growth is impacted by environmental factors such as diet and exercise, which is also why desexing won’t impact the weight of your pet.

Desexing your puppy is also an important step in preventing unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, as caring for a new litter of puppies is an expensive and stressful process, as you not only have to raise all the puppies but find homes for them as well, which can be exceedingly difficult for people unfamiliar with the industry. Puppies desexed at 8 weeks of age also recover significantly faster than those desexed at an older age, as they bounce back and experience far fewer health concerns when desexed at 8 weeks. Finally, desexing will in large eliminate any aggressive or sexual behaviours, especially in males, as when left intact will be prone to fighting with other males, and humping of other dogs.

In conclusion, the desexing of your puppy will not only protect our industry but protect you and your puppy as well.

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