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Feeding your Portuguese Water Dog

Your pup has been raised on a natural diet. This diet must continue if you are to receive the optimum health in your pup. Most simply, these means plenty of raw meaty bones, raw egg, raw fish, raw offal, but no veggies, fruit, or grains. Your pup will eat approximately 2-3% per day of expected adult body weight. This means between 500-750grams of food per day. But, it is normal for your pup to eat more on cooler days, less on hotter days, more when it’s exercised more, more when its going through a growth spurt. It is likely that up until 7-8 months of age, your pup will not over-eat. However, after that you’ll need to practice more portion control. You do not want to grow your pup quickly. There are no prizes for an oversized dog, nor a fat dog. Rule of thumb for portions: meat/bone/offal – 80/10/10 % That being said, we don’t weigh the food we feed, and we don’t get caught up too much with percentages. If the stools are too loose, you may not be feeding enough bone, or are feeding too much offal. If the stools are white and crumbly, you’re probably feeding too much bone. Often as youngsters, the pups won’t be able to chew through the bone, but it is important they get the chance to work their muscles and jaws on their bones.

Critically never ever feed your pup a commercial dog diet. This means no dried food, no kibble, no canned food. This pup should never have anything containing grains, or cooked food. Don’t let anyone try and use scare-mongering tactics to convince you to feed commercial dog food. If you ever get worried, please call us immediately to discuss it further. If you have any trouble with your vet, call us and we can speak to them directly. In our experience any vets who try to bully people into transitioning to a commercial diet often sell those foods and are looking to increase their sales, rather than improve the health of your dog. Additionally, ensure that your pup has access to plenty of cool drinking water; we often will leave out 2-3 bowls of water in case one gets knocked over, and have a bucket that’s been locked to a fence so they’ll always have one source of water that they can’t spill.

Our health guarantee is based on you feeding a correct raw diet. Therefore, if you ignore our advice and feed a commercial dog diet, you will be compromising the health of your pup and voiding your health guarantee. Please let us know at any stage whether your dog has any health problems, and if we advise you to get your pup to a vet immediately, please do so without delay. Moreover, never let your pup growl over food, as this behaviour is completely unacceptable and you shouldn’t tolerate any aggression around food. We never allow this behaviour with either our puppies or adults and neither should you. If you ever have any issues, please call us immediately to discuss.

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