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Having Appropriate Fencing For Your Dog

Appropriately fencing and dog-proofing your backyard is an important part of making sure your dog lives a happy and healthy life. Often dogs that have been poorly trained become capable of amazing feats befitting a famous magician, as they are seemingly capable of escaping from anywhere, with the ability to scale 6 foot fences or dig their way through anything. That’s why it’s critical that your home have appropriate fencing from the day they come to your home.

Many owners employ small baby or child fences inside their home as a way of excluding their puppy from certain areas of the house, however when they eventually learn to get through or over this fence, many people upgrade to a slightly larger fence, which their dog eventually learns to get through, and they continually get slightly larger and larger fences until there is no fence that can contain your dog. This is the most common way we see dogs becoming verified escape artists with no hope of being contained.

The easiest way of ensuring your dog doesn’t become the next Houdini is by making sure your fencing is secure from the very beginning. If you always utilise high fences, like those 6 foot and over, your dog will always see them as an unsurmountable challenge; if they don’t believe they can ever escape over or below your fences, their chances of trying will be significantly lower.

Remember, your dog is a significant investment in your life, and is something you have spent a lot of money to buy, feed, and care for, and spent a lot of time to train and educate, so please don’t neglect the environment your dog will be living in, as this can only lead to heart break and distress the older and more capable your dog gets.

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