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House Rules For Your Puppy

Developing a list of house rules is very important before a puppy arrives, as it will save you and your family a great deal of stress when deciding how to raise your puppy and teach them what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour. By having a comprehensive list written down and agreed upon by everyone in your family it’ll save confusion for your puppy and help avoid conflict between family members. For example, if dad likes to have the puppy on the couch with him but mum doesn’t want them on the furniture, it’ll not only most likely create an argument between mum and dad, but also confusion for your dog as they won’t understand why they’re suddenly being told off for something they thought was ok. We’ve recorded our list of possible house rules to use when raising your puppy, however this is by no means a comprehensive list, and may require you to add more rules as necessary and where appropriate for your specific situation.

1. Where will your puppy sleep?

2. Will they be allowed on the furniture?

3. Will they be allowed to eat scraps from people’s plates?

4. Where will they be kept during the day?

5. Where will they be kept when no one is home?

6. When will they be fed? And how much and how often?

7. Who’s responsible for keeping their water full? How often will this be checked?

8. Who will be responsible for training?

9. How will you discipline them?

10. Will they be an outside dog or an inside dog? Or both?

11. Who will take them to go to the toilet? And how often?

12. Where are they allowed and where aren’t they allowed to go?

13. What are the rules for going through gates and doorways?

14. Who will clean up after them?

15. Will they be allowed to jump when greeting people?

16. Will they be allowed to bark at strangers or passers-by?

17. How often will they be exercised? Who will take them out?

18. What happens to them when guests are visiting?

19. When will they be groomed? And by who?

20. Will they be allowed to nip at and chew on people or furniture?

21. Will they be allowed to dig holes or engage in other destructive behaviour?

Some of the items on this list will seem fairly obvious, however it never hurts to have a written record that everyone can refer back to. We hope this helps you and your family provide a happy, healthy, and well organised home for your new puppy.

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