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Important Information About The Health Of Your Puppy

Health is an important part of what we do, which is why we require all our pups to be fed a raw diet, so that the best platform for health is provided moving forward. Processed foods are inferior to an appropriate carnivore’s diet. There are a range of diseases all dogs can get, regardless of breed and there are only a small number of genetic tests available, but within our lifetime, there is no chance that there will be a genetic test for all of them. Even with modern technology there is little pre-emptive health testing that can be done for dogs, even things like hip dysplasia are very difficult to deal with, and whilst x-rays may tell you a small part of the story, diet plays an incredible part. Follow the link below where you can read a study that demonstrates that keeping weight off your puppy in their formative years has a direct relationship to hip dysplasia.

In short, the information so far is telling us that there is a reduction in the cases of HD where the pups are:

· kept with the breeder until 12 weeks of age

· raised on rural properties

· have the opportunity for appropriate outdoor exercise when growing

· fed a raw diet for life (this means no carbohydrates)

· kept lean

So not only do you need to feed an appropriate raw diet, you also need to make sure you puppy does not get fat. We have always said – there is no first place for the fattest dog. Eventually a gene test will be available for some breeds (not all), and this will help, but we already know there are substantial environmental factors, including injury which make this such a complex problem. The latest information we are reading is saying that HD is up to 85% environmental, and that it’s unknown how much of hip dysplasia is hereditary.

Whilst having a dog is inherently unpredictable, you can do your best to ensure they have a safe environment that encourages their continued good health, such as not allowing them to leap off tables, tear around on slippery floors, and be over and inappropriately exercised.

Unfortunately, as it appears there are probably over 10,000 diseases and conditions that dogs can get (of any breed or cross breed), and there is absolutely no such thing as a pup “that will never have a health issue.”.

We consistently see breeders that advertise a “full health guarantee” across many different breeds. Unfortunately, the reality of the fact is that no such thing exists, and your breeder is unlikely to cover the cost of care for your dog should they become sick or replace your dog if necessary at any point in their lifetime. If you truly want a dog with no risk of health issues, then don’t get a dog, as, like humans, dogs are susceptible to health issues over the course of their life time.

At Ocean Diver Kennels we do offer a 2 year health guarantee against fatal genetic conditions and for those that a genetic test is available, but quite sensibly, the best tactic any pet owner can take is to ensure they have good health insurance, and we insist our puppy owners get health insurance on their dogs. We know getting health insurance for your dog can sound silly, however medical bills for minor issues such as ear infections or grass seed infections, which are very common, can quickly exceed over $600, which we have seen in many cases before.

All in all, a trip to the vet is to be expected in the life time of your dog, however through proper risk management and care, you stand a significantly better chance of providing a happy and healthy life for your best friend.

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