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Should I Have An Inside Dog Or Outside Dog?

Many owners confine their dogs to a life of either being inside or outside, with little to no opportunity to experience the opposite of what they’re accustomed to. This easily leads to destructive or problematic behaviour whenever they’re exposed to a new environment. Commonly, dogs that live much of their lives outside quickly become rambunctious and rowdy when allowed inside, which discourages you from allowing them inside in the future. Similarly, when inside dogs are allowed outside they often yearn for freedom, and attempt to escape from their backyards. That’s why it’s important that you strike a balance between having an inside and an outside dog, who can happily lay beside you and sit calmly inside the house, and can be trusted on their own in the backyard.

Your dog should be considered part of your family, who shares your home with you, both inside and out. Dogs are highly social animals, that require stimulation to keep them from acting out, and by exiling them to the backyard, your pet can easily come to feel unwanted. This isn’t to say your dog shouldn’t have outside time, as many do enjoy playing in the grass or sitting in the sun, but a healthy balance must be found between the two. Many people worry that bringing their pet inside can easily lead to problems, such as jumping on the couch, tearing through the rubbish, or becoming boisterous and destructive, that’s why its important for you to establish strict guidelines and rules for your pet, and teach them what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour when they are inside. Your pet should learn what they can do inside and what they can do outside, they should be taught to sit calmly in an appropriate spot in the house and not play on the furniture, and they should be taught to stay within the confines of your fences and enjoy their time outside unsupervised.

Some advocate that your dog should be left outside because they’re a guard dog, and should be there to protect your property from intruders, however your valuables are kept inside your house, so why shouldn’t your dog be kept inside to protect them? Other people argue that dogs that live inside easily become spoiled, leading to obesity and laziness, which can be true if dogs aren’t sufficiently exercised or cared for. That’s why, once again, it’s important that you strike a balance between an inside and outside dog, one that is happy to spend its time outside during the day playing and exploring but also happy to sleep inside at night with the family, out of the elements and harsh weather.

Having your dog inside also grants your more opportunity for training, and reinforce principles that you’ve already begun to teach. For example, a 5-minute ad break of your favourite show is an excellent opportunity to bolster your dog’s obedience training and having them learn to sit, lay down, roll over, or even shake hands. Keeping your dog inside can also be effective in curbing problem behaviour such as barking, as you can address this behaviour faster and teach your pet what is and what isn’t acceptable. Additionally, a dog that sleeps inside at night is less likely to bark at wildlife and other distractions, that would wake you and your neighbours from sleep. It is unreasonable to expect your dog to be the perfect house guest when coming inside, and issues such as chewing on walls or furniture are common, that’s why you must continually reinforce that when inside they are to remain well behaved, and ideally settle in a specific part of the house.

So, do your best to set your dog up for success, creating guidelines and boundaries forms the basis of quality training, which in turns gives your dog the best opportunity to become a productive member of your family. Include them in your activities, both inside and out, and make sure they know they are a member of your pack. They don’t decide what to do and when, but listen to you and your commands and know what they can and can’t do. Love your dog and they will love you back, showing them care, compassion, discipline, and understanding will make you all much happier.

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