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Why Pet Insurance is Important

Over recent years pet insurance has surged in popularity as more and more people realise the overwhelming benefits of insuring their pet. However, some people remain sceptical and don’t believe pet insurance is a worthwhile investment, so we want to tell you why we support having pet insurance for your best friend.

Experience has told us that vet bills can quickly spiral out of control and what you might think is a minor issue can rack up hundreds if not thousands of dollars in vet bills that leave you significantly out of pocket. As stated in our previous blog post about Ear Infections, the Portuguese Water Dog and other breeds with floppy ears are more likely to have problems with their ears, and a visit to the vet for what is a relatively small issue can quickly generate bills close to $900. Moreover, other more serious issues such as snake bites could incur costs of over $2000 and treatment for cancer or a broken bone can surge beyond $3000.

We provide all of our owners with an introductory 6-week pet insurance plan when they take their new puppy, to keep you covered in case of emergency whilst you’re getting settled with your latest addition. We always encourage our owners to contact us if they ever have any problems or concerns with their Portuguese Water Dog, and the majority of these phone calls typically stem from minor medical issues, however we’ve found that owners that either renew their pet insurance or start a new policy to cover their pet have to contact us far less. Why? Because owners now feel safer and are less stressed when issues do come up because they know they’ll be protected by their pet insurance, and whilst it won’t cover your costs completely, it can significantly reduce the cost for treatment that may be time critical and/or life threatening.

For this reason we highly encourage all new owners to consider a pet insurance policy, to protect both you and your pet in case of the worst.

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